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Information Security and The Rio Games: Was Brazil Ready?

  On Friday August 5th, the Rio Olympics kicked off and millions of eyes eagerly anticipated the start of the games. In the eyes of information security, a tentative breath was held to see if a major security incident would affect the opening ceremony or any subsequent events. Large sporting events are increasingly becoming an … Continued

How Big Is the U.S. Government Cybersecurity Problem?

How Big Is the U.S. Government Cybersecurity Problem?

A look at recent data breaches and how the government is reacting. It seems like the US government is more and more often falling prey to hackers, whether it’s from nation-sponsored organizations or independent organizations. Two government data breaches made the list of Network World’s list of ‘Biggest data breaches of 2015’ citing an IRS … Continued

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Download 2016 Biggest Holiday Retailers Cybersecurity Report

Find out the names of the 10 biggest holiday retailers with the best security posture in 2016. From April 2016 to October 2016, SecurityScorecard analyzed the security posture of the 48 'Biggest Holiday Retailers' to find the most prevalent security vulnerabilities and compliance issues.