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What Is the ROI of Technology that Mitigates Risk?


Our CEO and Co-founder Dr. Alex Yampolskiy will be presenting on this topic on Wednesday, June 3rd at the NetDiligence Cyber Forum in Philadelphia at 11:15 a.m.

The presentation will explore the following:

  • Should a company invest in more security rather than other risk management methods?
  • Which approach should be used to determine the risk value of security investments?
  • What emerging security solutions might help a client mitigate its security/privacy exposure?

The industry conference focuses on cyber risk and privacy liability, and will feature other presenters including:

Ozzie Fonseca, Experian (@Experian_DBR)

Meredith Schnurr, Wells Fargo Insurance

Ken Goldstein, Chubb Insurance (@ChubbInsurance)

Toby Merrill, ACE Group

Ted Augustinos, Lock Lord LLP

We are looking forward to participating in this conference! See you there.




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