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Announcing the Security Roundup Newsletter

Introducing the Security Roundup Newsletter.

The Security Roundup is our weekly curated newsletter made up of the most interesting and important developments in the cybersecurity space. Our Director of Architecture, Sean Smith, provides his research and analysis on content scoured across the web, ranging from new developments on a strain of ransomware, how Google is tackling cybersecurity, to what new threats organizations and industries should be paying attention to.

Previous issues included: updates on the Central Bank of Bangladesh hack, our recently released 2016 Government Cybersecurity Report, findings on a new study showing that 48% of users will plug in a found USB drive and open a file, details surrounding recent data breaches on Spotify and, and a great post on how a company turned the tables on a phisher and phished him back.

We’ll have dedicated sections around trending new topics. Previous topics include: Mitre’s involvement in CVE publishing, a rise in consumer-facing data breaches, and the increase and evolution of ransomware attacks.

Sign up for the Security Roundup newsletter here. The Security Roundup goes out every Friday at the end of the day, giving you ample time throughout the weekend to catch up on what’s new in cybersecurity.

Sign up for the Security Roundup Newsletter

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