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SecurityScorecard Wins Best Place to Work Award

SecurityScorecard Wins Best Place to Work Award


We are thrilled to receive the Business Intelligence Group’s (BIG) Best Places to Work award.

This award is a tribute to the enthusiasm of the employees who work at SecurityScorecard. It affirms some of our efforts to create a positive work environment and pushes us to look at what comes next.


We were most excited to learn that SecurityScorecard’s internal education initiatives –like “Demo Days,” a weekly event where technical employees explain new features of the product–  have been successful in facilitating a deeper comprehension of the product. We were humbled to find that our employees believe in our product and would likely recommend it to their peers.


Employees recognized the follow areas as strengths:

  • Respect received by and given to their coworkers
  • Presence of leaders who inspire
  • Employee satisfaction being prioritized by senior leadership
  • Salary satisfaction
  • Being able to participate and contribute to meaningful work
  • Overall job satisfaction


But as a rapidly growing start-up, we’re always looking forward, to how we can be better. The results of this survey also helped us drill down on areas where we can work together to boost the experience of employees at SecurityScorecard.


Specifically, our team is focused creating more opportunities for career growth and advancement for employees- whether that means strengthening our existing training programs or spending more time understanding how to better align the company trajectory with employee expectations.


All this to say while we are happy to receive the trophy, our work is not nearly done. The most important thing we can do with this award is celebrate it in the moment, but ensure that we take the opportunity to improve.


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